Saturday, February 06, 2016,
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Visa Procedure
We act upon the below detailed visa procedure with The Consulate after receiving of visa documents

  • Submission and collection of visa documents for and after confirmation.

  • Submission and collection of original medical certificate(s) for and after attestation.

  • Give permission against confirmed visa(s) from Protector of Emigrants, Bureau of Emigration, Karachi.

  • Preparation of documents for case submission in Consulate.

  • Submission of confirmed visa documents, permission, undertaking certificate, agreement covering letter, passport(s), National Identity Card(s) and all other relevant documents for stamping of visa(s).

  • Collection of passport(s) from Consulate as per date given to us.

  • Inform to our client(s) or Principal(s) regarding visa status.

  • Arrangements of air tickets etc.