Tuesday, February 09, 2016,
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Our Services
As a part of our continuing commitment of services to our clients we provide a number of services to the employer and concerned employees to have a sustained relationship and also to make the job of the employer easy and realistic.
Following are some of the major services provided by us :
1. Confirmation of visa documents from Royal Saudi Consulate, Islamabad and Karachi
2. We guide our client(s) for examination of Medical(s) by the recommended Medical Centers with GAMCA No. as well as we guide about requirement documentation.
3. We get attestation of original medical certificate(s) from Royal Saudi Consulate, Islamabad and Karachi.
4. Submission and collection of passport(s) from Royal Saudi Consulate, Islamabad and Karachi.
5. We inform to our client(s) after stamping visa or if visa can’t be granted by the Royal Saudi Consulate, Islamabad or Karachi, then we explain the reason of refusal.
6. We provide guideline for clearance of reason of refusal.
7. We call to our client(s) for briefing from Protector of Emigrants, Bureau of Emigration, Karachi.
8. We also make arrangements for air ticket(s) as per request by our client(s) or honorable Principal(s).